Vlunteers in Japan

Yay! We are delighted that you are looking into volunteering in your local child welfare institution 🙂

These kids are in care through no fault of their own, and have usually had tough lives. In other countries these children would largely be in foster care, but Japan still relies largely on institutions. These institutions are sometimes called ‘orphanages’ but almost all the children in care have both parents living.

This section of our website walks you through the process step by step. From setting up a volunteer group and approaching the institution to game and fundraising ideas once you have got things going.

There is no one correct way to volunteer. They key is to be flexible to the institution’s needs. Some of our volunteers go weekly and help children with their homework, others go monthly for a longer visit to play with the children. This section helps you figure out how best you can volunteer your friendship 🙂

If you still have questions once you have read the below you can contact us here<link>

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