The possibilities here are really endless, but here are some tried and tested ideas to get you started.

  • A talent show! This is one incredibly popular form of fundraising that is currently used in Fukui Prefecture. Once a year, the FJET Community pull together to arrange a hilariously entertaining Talent Show open to everyone in the community. We charge an entrance or nomi-hodai fee and we also ask for a little bit of money to vote for your favourite act of the evening. Not only is this a great way to raise money, but it has also been a great way to integrate the foreign population with the Japanese community. There are some excellent examples of the Talent Show on YouTube – check out Fukui FJET Talent Show if you dare!
  • A karaoke battle! Why not use the natural resources that Japan has to offer? Again, this is used by Fukui volunteers to great effect. Get some teams together – why not try America vs. the rest of the world? You can either ask for some money to enter the competition, or ask for a little bit of money per song. Then let the singing begin. Special prizes, like for the most murdered song of the evening, keep the event interesting and open to people of all levels of singing talent!
  • A charity auction! Each year, at the Mid Year Conference, the Fukui JETs have a charity auction to help raise money for our orphanages. People can put anything they want up for auction – some examples of this year’s offerings were: a snowboard and accompanying lessons, an Italian dinner, language lessons, pieces of art, salsa and belly dancing lessons, a karaoke night out and so much more! Encourage people to bid in groups to get the grand total up.
  • Show some prefectural or volunteer pride! Design a t-shirt or sweatshirt promoting your prefecture or volunteer organization and sell them. These are a big hit with the foreign and Japanese communities alike. They make great gifts or souvenirs, so the best times to sell them are before winter holiday or before beloved JETs leave for home. Take the design to work and ask co-workers if they’ll be interested, but most importantly, make sure they know it’s for a good cause.
  • Delicious eats? Yes, please! Do you know someone who loves to cook and has a big heart? Ask if they would be interested in hosting a dinner. Invite people to dine and have them pay a set amount for the meal, with an option to donate more if desired. This is also a great way to spread the word and recruit more volunteers.