Spending Money

So now you’ve raised all your barrelfuls of cash, but what are you going to do with it all? Before you run away to Rio, have a look at these ideas.

  • Buy some birthday presents for the children. Don’t go crazy: 500 yen or less for each kid makes sure that there’s enough for everyone. Ask the home for a list of all the kids’ birthdays, but remember to be tactful about it. All you need is the month and maybe the school grade level, if the home is reluctant or unable to give exact details. The kids absolutely love getting their birthday presents, so this is a really lovely way to spend your money.
  • Organise a special event to spice up your visits and motivate your volunteers! Check out the Special Events link for some ideas.
  • Ask the staff for a list of things they need for the orphanage. If you have sufficient funds, playground equipment, balls, a basketball hoop, soccer goal posts and other things can go a long way for the kids.
  • Ask locals to donate used things that are in good condition. Often, people who have children have lots of toys and clothing their kids have outgrown. Other used items such as digital cameras, vacuums or heaters would also be good to ask for.

In some homes, the children have to move out after they have graduated from high school. This can be a tough time for them financially, as they have to get money together for things like rent and food while they are looking for work. So think about donating money to them to help them get started. Also, ask around if anyone has any furniture they could give – every little helps and is greatly appreciated.