Thank you for thinking of us, but we don’t actually accept donations! We are a volunteer group run by volunteers promoting volunteering.

We encourage local chapters of Smile Kids Japan to fundraise for activities in the institutions they visit, be it Christmas parties, sports days, or even scholarships for care-leavers to attend university. Check out our fundraising page for ideas on how to do this.

Following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami we set up the Tohoku Smiles and Dreams Kids Project with Living Dreams and raised nearly a million dollars. We worked closely with 17 of the 19 institutions in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima targeting the specific needs that they had. Some of the work we did includes de-radiation of the grounds of an institution in Fukushima, music therapy with the Japanese National Philharmonic Orchestra, summer camps aimed at getting the children away from the disaster area and building confidence, and work around learning, arts, sports, and technology. Living Dreams are now managing this work. You can check out Mike’s TEDxTokyo talk (日本語バージョン) and the British ITV channel’s news documentary to learn more about this work.

Other people that work with children in care and care leavers in Japan that you could consider donating to include…

Hinnata Bokko
SOS Kodomo no Mura
Living Dreams
Mirai no Mori
Bridge for Smile