Smile Kids Japan is a small Not for Profit Organisation. Our aims are to

  • Promote awareness of child welfare institutions in Japan
  • Encourage you to set up local sustainable volunteer visits
  • Give you the information you need to achieve these visits, from finding an institution to game ideas
  • To have a regular visit at every child welfare institution in Japan

Having started with a regular monthly visit in one institution in Fukui, we have now helped volunteers set up projects in 25 prefectures across Japan.

Good luck with your volunteering and remember; this is only one possible model for a visit. There is no single correct way to volunteer, as every institution has different needs. We aim to provide awareness and the inspiration for you to set up a volunteer project, and the know how for you to do it successfully. Volunteering your friendship can have an enormously positive impact on children’s lives, children that need care and affection more than most.

Good luck!

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